Is the glass half empty or half full?

Things have been pretty volatile off late in the gooner kingdom after Wenger’s decision to not to sign the much needed Striker which even his admirers agree we needed and the farcical/meaningless signing of a 31 year old journeyman who if some reports are to be believed may never play for us. Everybody including the staunchest followers of Wenger were waiting with baited breath for that elusive/much needed Striker signing which never came. Not just gooners pretty much every pundit, tabloid, opposition fans have been vocal about the lack of firepower up front both in terms of outright quality and numbers.

Wenger’s opinion about the January transfer window is out in the open and the signings of Arshavin and Eduardo in the past were aberrations than a trend. The fans would have understood if Wenger was categorical about not signing a Striker but his failed attempts to sign Chelsea outcast Kalou and Klose show he also believed that we needed a new body up front. So if he believed that we needed a Striker why did he not try to make a better fist of signing Klose who despite being in mid thirties, still has the ability to deliver consistently? Why did he completely ignore the likes of Berbatov and Mitroglou?

The point i am trying to make is that i fully understand that a manager has the right to make a decision based on where he thinks the reinforcements are necessary but when he has made it apparent by his failed loan bids on the deadline day, why did he not show more conviction  to sign a new Striker? Wenger has come out and clarified that the decision to buy Kim Kallstrom was a hurried one and that it was him or nobody. Then my point is that he should have moved on cos making a signing for the sake of making one is not going to serve any purpose.

Giroud despite all the criticism he gets, some unfair and some just, has done a pretty decent job so far up front. Bendtner can do the job but he is inconsistent. Sanogo is still very young and to expect him to be our savior is not fair on the kid. Podolski is more of a wide attacker in our formation than a lone Striker. He can play as a Striker in a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 but that is a formation we do not employ. Walcott who has the ability to fill in up front is out injured. In light of the above have we blown a golden opportunity to strengthen our push for the league title after a long hiatus?

I know a stop gap signing in January can be a gamble but was the gamble worth it? I would say yes cos in my opinion we are a big enough cup to cushion the blow of an odd signing gone wrong. We have a very good team which is playing well too and one striker signing could have given us the stimulus/impetus needed in the final half of the season.

I get asked this question often? You lot are on top of the table ahead of the likes of City and Chelsea so why complain? The point is it depends on how do you want to look at things–Is the glass half empty or half full? The point depends on where you look things from. Looking from the view point of still heading the table ahead of Chelsea and City gives me immense joy but that joy is cut short when i realize we did not take that last little step to bolster our title challenge especially with the sort of fixture list we have in the coming days. It depends on whether one is hungry for success or satiated? I want this club to get back to the top of the pedestal where it rightfully belongs. So i am very happy that we have finally managed to challenge for the title after a hiatus but i fill deflated to see that we did not maximize our resources to give it a proper go.

I just hope and pray the failure to not sign a Striker in January does not become the main reason for us not winning the league but if it does then it would be a bitter pill to swallow for everybody who follows this great football club. This was the time for us to go for the juggernaut and we decided to take a safe step of strengthening in the summer instead of going for a ballsy move of signing one now. Time will tell the true story..


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